John Matthew Moore

Tulip, 2023
blue ink on paper antiqued with walnut ink
7 x 7 in
John Matthew Moore began his painting career at an early age. Over the years he has honed his craft and developed an international reputation as an accomplished artist. His medium of choice is the velvety chalk-enriched watercolor known as gouache, with which he excels with his mastery of color and attention to detail. These opaque pigments enable him to achieve effects ranging from light shining through a dew-spotted white petal to the deep, dark rich tones of his red tulips. Though the inspiration for his works is drawn from 17th and 18th century artists, Moore's own vision is evident. His paintings are larger than life, seeming to explode off of the page while maintaining their scientific integrity, and resulting in a photo-realistic effect. Moore's works have garnered publicity and exposure resulting in many prominent international public and private collections.


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632 South Perkins Road
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