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Jhina Alvarado

Jhina is a self-taught artist who is represented by galleries across the United States. Her work has been featured in various international and national magazines, blogs and art technique books. She currently works part-time as a calculus and pre-calculus teacher at the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts and paints full-time in her home studio in San Francisco. // AVAILABLE ARTWORK


Adam Batchelor

Adam’s artwork is a modern interpretation of naturalist painting, focusing on our perception of nature. He graduated with a BA Hons in Illustration from Norwich University of the Arts in 2009. After an exploratory experience whilst living in Nepal, he began to teach himself how to create ultra realistic imagery. Working in both watercolour and oil paint, his work explores through narrative, perception and multiple perspectives, a way to bring you closer to nature. Adam splits his time between his hometown of Suffolk, United Kingdom, and Tahsis, British Columbia. // AVAILABLE ARTWORK


Danny Broadway

Inspired by the both the past and current world around him, Danny’s works portray movement, light and emotion in colorful images of people, nature and activities. With a love of experimentation, he uses different types of mediums and imagery to transform an image in his mind to a work that connects with the viewer’s soul. In addition to his own inspired paintings and drawings, Danny’s commissions have found homes in a variety of corporate and individual settings. // AVAILABLE ARTWORK

ed duff head.jpg

Edward Duff

Edward’s landscape paintings are a record of moments encountered. These scenes are not only visual experiences, but they conjure emotions and memories far beyond communicating through words. Edward works in both a studio environment and plein air, painting predominantly in oil on paper, canvas, and wood panels. His methods vary from the direct approach of alla prima painting, to the traditional indirect style of subtle layers of thinly glazed color. His goal with each new painting is to create work that will give the viewer a moment to pause and reflect. He is drawn to imagery that is not only beautiful and scenic, but at times slightly unsettling, haunting and awe inspiring. // AVAILABLE ARTWORK


Katherine Dunlap

Katherine was born in 1990 in Gainesville, GA. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from the University of Georgia in 2013. She currently has a studio at Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC. Her work has been exhibited in various places including the The Lyndon House, Southern Gallery and The Classic Center. Her work also has been featured in publications including “The Art Mag” and “Post and Courier.” Katherine’s work exists in a realm between truth and memory. It’s a visual recollection of a place that doesn’t necessarily exist but instead a place that someone has an idealized memory of. By referencing old family photos, Katherine hopes to connect to her family's past experiences and also be reminded of her own experiences of the ordinary but remember-able moments. // AVAILABLE ARTWORK


Carolina Elizabeth

Since she was a little girl in Honduras, Carolina loved using her hands to create things whether on paper, of clay or pieces of fabrics stitched together. She was fortunate to have the support of loving parents who encouraged her need to create art, even if it meant they'd come home to find that the curtains had become her latest project. Carolina and her parents and always knew she would be an artist. Her intent is simply to capture the beauty that she sees in nature, such as the flowers and beehives in her garden, and those items that show the hand of time or the antiques that simply bring her joy. She continues to learn from and study the works of old masters, such as Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Henri Fantin-Latour, and John Singer Sargent. Carolina’s work has been collected around the world. // AVAILABLE ARTWORK


Ida Floreak

Ida is a New Orleans-based artist originally from Cambridge, MA. She has a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design where she studied painting and scientific illustration. Ida’s work is influenced by her studies in Rome with RISD’s European Honors Program and her work as an archaeological illustrator on the Poggio Civitate Archaeological Project in Vescovado di Murlo. Raised outside of organized religion, Ida turned to science and the natural world to answer questions about our origins and purpose, finding meaning and beauty in the mathematical structure and symmetry of natural objects. Pulling from her personal collection, she paints bones, gems, leaves and insects in formations reminiscent of the Italian grotteschi and devotional art. Painting in an over-large scale, Ida attempts to give these small and humble objects a treatment otherwise reserved for saints or deities. // AVAILABLE ARTWORK


Frankie Gollub

Frankie was born in Landstuhl, Germany. Inspired by Civil War history, he began to draw and paint constantly at the age of 12. His appreciation of military service and his father's service in the U.S. Army led him to join the Army National Guard in 2000. He served six years with Headquarters Battery, 2/111th Field Artillery at Petersburg, VA. Frankie studied at Richard Bland College, where he decided to pursue a career in painting. He completed a BFA in Painting and Printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University and his longtime passion for history led him to study Latin and Greek at the University of Washington. Frankie continues to be inspired by art history, notably 15th Century Italian and Netherlandish Art, 17th Century Dutch painting, and 19th Century landscape painters. Living in the Pacific Northwest fosters his love for landscape painting. // AVAILABLE ARTWORK


John Matthew Moore

John began his painting career at an early age. Over the years he has honed his craft and developed an international reputation as an accomplished artist. His medium of choice is the velvety chalk-enriched watercolor known as gouache, with which he excels with his mastery of color and attention to detail. These opaque pigments enable him to achieve effects ranging from light shining through a dew-spotted white petal to the deep, dark rich tones of his red tulips. Though the inspiration for his works is drawn from 17th and 18th century artists, Moore's own vision is evident. His paintings are larger than life, seeming to explode off of the page while maintaining their scientific integrity, and resulting in a photo-realistic effect. Moore's works have garnered publicity and exposure resulting in many prominent international public and private collections. // AVAILABLE ARTWORK

Millie Simms.jpg

Millie Sims

Millie is an abstract artist, specializing in geometric paintings in acrylic on canvas. A North Carolina native, Millie studied and worked in Paris, France and New York City before returning to the South, where she currently resides in Charleston, SC. Millie is inspired by the art of reinvention, framing conventional beauty in new and unexpected ways, through an exploration of mathematics in aesthetic. Throughout her body of work, she reshapes classic imagery in her signature sharp-angled style. From abstract adaptations of Audubon prints and Slim Aarons photographs to low-country landscapes and chinoiserie patterns, her paintings put a fresh, modern spin on recognizable images of comfort. // AVAILABLE ARTWORK