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Goetze Art & Design is a Memphis-based, hand curated gallery. We connect our clients to extraordinary artists both in the United States and globally while providing unparalleled, art concierge services.

About the Owner

Amanda Goetze was raised in a home of collectors, surrounded by regional art. From her earliest days, her mother would cut out images and put them on the bottom half of the refrigerator, so Amanda could see them at eye level.


After completing an Art History degree at the University of Richmond and several internships at art galleries, Amanda joined the Smithsonian Institution where she served as a liaison between the Smithsonian and members of the United States Congress, promoting the value of art.


Since returning to her hometown of Memphis, TN, Amanda has continued her support of the arts. She previously served as a board member of the UrbanArt Commission and is currently on the board for the Dixon Gallery & Gardens.


"I hope to help establish a new generation of art collectors who will share their favorite pieces with their children and grandchildren. I love uniting people with pieces that bring them joy."



— Amanda Goetze





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632 South Perkins Road

Memphis, TN 38117






Tues-Fri: 10-4

Sat: 10-3


632 South Perkins Road
Memphis, TN 38117
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