Our Inventory

We are excited to share our latest inventory with you. Click on the images to see the entire piece, for additional information, or to purchase.

Adam Batchelor

Adam Batchelor: Two Tigers

Adam Batchelor: Hummingbird 010 ‘Anna’s’

Adam Batchelor: Sea Parrot

Adam Batchelor: A Playful Breeze

Adam Batchelor: The Windover

Adam Batchelor: The Night Wanderer

Adam Batchelor: Halfway Home

Adam Batchelor: Misshapen Forms

Adam Batchelor: Blue Winged Teal

Adam Batchelor: Hooded Merganser

Adam Batchelor: Orchid and the Hairy Hermit

Adam Batchelor: Desire

Adam Batchelor: Vestige

Adam Batchelor: An Exploded View

Adam Batchelor: On the Ground Sleep Sound

Edward Duff

Edward Duff: Farmland Sky

Edward Duff: The Inn

Edward Duff: Vineyard Sky

Edward Duff: Storm Sketch

Edward Duff: Rustbelt Twilight

Ida Floreak

Ida Floreak: Halo II

Ida Floreak: Halo

Ida Floreak: Broken Egg

Ida Floreak: Speckled Egg with Crack

Ida Floreak: Egg with a Bug

Ida Floreak: Balance (Feather)

Katherine Dunlap

Katherine Dunlap: Cowboys

Katherine Dunlap: Pears

Katherine Dunlap: Horizon Blue


Frankie Gollub

Frankie Gollub: Still Life with Cherries, Oysters, and Hamsters

Frankie Gollub: Sardines and Berkemeyer Glass

Frankie Gollub: Still Life with Pug

Frankie Gollub: Artifacts 2

Frankie Gollub: Lizard and Pomegranate

Frankie Gollub: Crayfish and Berkemeyer Glass

Frankie Gollub: Crayfish

Frankie Gollub: Still Life with Horseshoe Crab, Crayfish, Berkermeyer Glass, and Vole Shell

Frankie Gollub: Florida Fighting Conch Shell and Striped Fox Shell

Frankie Gollub: Large Roemer, with Crab, Crayfish, and Pug

Frankie Gollub: Lone Sardine

Frankie Gollub: Still Life with Oranges, Rhino Beetle, and Carpenter Bee

Frankie Gollub: Song Dynasty Coins and Vermillion Pigment

Frankie Gollub: Lemon with Roemer Glass

Frankie Gollub: Artifacts 3

Frankie Gollub: Boiled Cabbage with Bonsai Tree, Pomegranate, and Cute Creatures

Lanie Mann

Lanie Mann: But First Toast

Lanie Mann: It’s a Mystery

Lanie Mann: Gigi in Paris

Lanie Mann: No Place Like Home

Lanie Mann: Tomorrow Is a New Day

John Matthew Moore

John Matthew Moore: Flaming Parrot

John Matthew Moore, Tulipia, Madonna

John Matthew Moore: Magnolia


Millie Sims

Millie Sims: Dancers at the Barre

Millie Sims: Wonderland

Millie Sims: Flamingo

Millie Simms: CZ Guest in Palm Beach

MIllie Sims: American Swan

Millie Simms: Lockwood

Millie Sims: Blue Heron